Mauritius vaccination campaign ramps up

Posted by Leila Stein on 23 February 2021

Mauritius has launched its vaccination programme and is prioritising health care workers, the elderly and around 25,000 islanders who work in the tourism sector.

The government is readying itself to restart the tourism industry on the island and make it as safe as possible for guests. Mauritius has had one of the world’s best responses to the pandemic and the strict quarantine measures have meant there has been little disruption to social life in Mauritius since June 2020, with almost no known cases of community transmission.

Entry restrictions and quarantine requirements are expected to ease gradually as the vaccination programme rolls out. It is also expected that tourists who have been vaccinated will soon be allowed to enter the country freely.

Could COVID-19 vaccine become a pre-requisite for travel?

Could COVID-19 vaccine become a pre-requisite for travel?

Picture: Unsplash

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