Musk teases flying car

Posted on 20 March 2024 By Savanna Douglas

Imagine cruising in a flying car on future road trips. The Jetsons-esque prospect is no longer a work of fiction but a real possibility for travellers, after Elon Musk appeared on The Don Lemon Show teasing the potential for Tesla’s upcoming Roadster as a flying car. 

On Monday 18 March, Elon Musk appeared on The Don Lemon Show to discuss matters ranging from hate speech to DEI to the great replacement theory.

Thirteen minutes in, Lemon breached the topic of Tesla’s anticipated Roadster – likely to be unveiled by 2025, as previously alluded to by Musk.

In the interview, Elon expressed his hesitance to reveal more than he already has publicly – such as the Roadster boasting the ability to go from 0 to 60 in under 1 second. A feat that, according to Musk, makes the vehicle faster than any sports car in existence.

However, “That’s not even the most exciting thing about it,” he teases.

Further elaborating on the one-of-a-kind car, Elon confirms that the Roadster will be a collaboration between Tesla and his astronautics company, Space X. He says:

“The Roadster will be a collaboration between Space X and Tesla. So you can expect some rockety stuff there.”

Lemon then dives head-forward into addressing the possibility of the Roadster as a ‘flying car.” A development that, if made possible, would change the motoring and travel industries as we know it.

The possibilities are endless – picture hopping in your Roadster to fly to Cape Town, or embarking on a ‘sky safari’ in Botswana. How would e-hailing services shift, and let’s not even address the complicated web of air traffic control.

Musk does little to discount the idea of the Roadster being a flying car, adding the prospect is “not out of the question.” However, remains tight-lipped about further details surrounding the new Tesla vehicle.

“I’ve got to reserve the cool stuff for when we actually unveil it,” he remarked.

Don continues to prod around the topic, asking Musk if the car would have wings or propellers, or if it would have wheels and a steering wheel.

Musk, caught in the series of ’21 questions’ kept his responses vague stating that no, the car would not have “big wings” or propellers, and that it would have wheels, but not a steering wheel, per se.

Lemon ties a bow on the subject by asking Musk if the Roadster would mark the start of a shift in the motoring industry, asking:

“Do you think it’s a way of the future, where everyone will follow your lead on this?”

To which Musk responded:

“I don’t anyone will ever make anything like the Roadster that we’re going to make.”

Can you imagine embarking on your next adventure in a flying car? The concept, as fictitious as it may seem, could be a possibility  given Musk’s latest claims. Where would you cruise to first?


Feature Image: Getty

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