New Game of Thrones museum in Croatia

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 20 May 2019

Croatia has long been a hub for Game of Thrones fans, being a common location for filming the epic fantasy series in years past. The cities of Dubrovnik, Klis and Šibenik in Croatia have all attracted ‘Thrones fans long after scenes were shot there, and not just for their beauty. Now, you can take in all the stunning locations as well as visit a museum dedicated to George R. R. Martin’s fantasy world.

The colossal jaw’s of a dragon’s head greets you as you enter the Game of Thrones Museum in Split

The Game of Thrones Museum, the latest to pop up, can be found in Croatia’s beautiful city of Split on the Dalmatian Coast. The museum opened a week ago and has already received a number of visitors. The building, which is on Bosanska Street, is fairly inconspicuous, and would blend in completely if the signage made in the classic Game of Thrones font wasn’t there, as well as the colossal dragon jaws visible from outside the entrance hall.

Jon Snow looking solemn as usual

The series finally came to an end last night, with the sixth and final episode airing at 3am this morning in South Africa. Many fans have been disappointed in the writing of the final season, with complaints relating to the writing and actions of characters as well as the short time span within which the season has to tackle any of the series’ unsolved issues.

Daenarys Targaryen, poised in her aim to take the Iron Throne

‘Everything is just like in the series. The exhibits are exact replicas of scenes, symbols and characters from the GoT,’ Luka Galić, the person behind Game of Thrones Museum, told the Croatia Times. ‘Over 40 people worked on this project, all of them huge fans of HBO’s dark fable that we wanted to present here.’

The Night King, who commands an army of white walkers

‘I always felt that Split didn’t expose itself enough as a GoT filming location. This is why I wanted to open something like this in the city below Marjan Mountain. I really think it upgraded the tourist offer to large extent. Split deserved Game of Thrones Museum and people will gladly visit it,’ Galić explained.

A dragon skull, one of many Game of Thrones items in the museum in Split. Viserion, perhaps?

A model of King’s Landing, with ‘Valerian steel’ sword displays beside it

The Game of Thrones Museum has figures of key main characters as well as costumes and objects that recreate some of the settings from famous scenes. The museum has five rooms which have been styled to represent some key locations and themes, too. There’s Meereen, which was inspired by the city of Split, Winterfell (homestead of the powerful and central Stark family), Beyond the Wall (an icy wasteland), a Weirwood Tree which you can walk through, and of course, King’s Landing, home to Red Keep with the rulers of Westeros and the all-important Iron Throne.

Silverware of the Seven Kingdoms – three houses’ chalices are shown here

Some objects you can look out for include swords, skulls and costumes, as well as models of cities in Westeros.

Tyrion Lannister stands in the museum, cup of wine in hand

The Game of Thrones Museum is actually not too far from where one of the scenes was filmed a few seasons back. Diocletian’s Palace, a real Croatian attraction, is where Daenarys ‘Mother of Dragons’ Targaryen kept her dragons when she was in Meereen.

Costumes and life-like props are a Throne fan’s boon

View of the Game of Thrones Museum in Split:


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