The world is getting smaller

Posted by Cameron Ewart-Smith on 27 March 2014

Getaway magazine editor, Cameron Ewart-Smith, reflects on 25 years of African travel and how the world has shrunk since the days when everywhere seemed so far away.

Getaway magazine, first issue 1989

The first issue of Getaway magazine – April 1989

We’ve been on the shelves for 25 years this month. A lot happens in 25 years – countries come and go, governments change, evil regimes die, evil regimes live – but from where I sit, the biggest change is in the size of the world. Time was that everywhere was far away. Nowadays you can be just about anywhere in a day or two. Travel is easy; the world has shrunk. Good news, right? Well, yes and no. It spurns the question: where do YOU go? And that’s what we’ve been asking since our inception back in 1989.

Being 25 means you have to work harder, think smarter (I’m sure you know what that feels like). There are more magazines, bloggers, emails, tweeters … more clutter than ever before and to remain on top, as Getaway has for so long, requires constant re-invention and rejuvenation. The product you hold in your hand is about as far away from that original April 1989 copy as you can imagine, and yet it’s no different – the inherent DNA is the same. Back then, the magazine was committed to taking you places that you must visit and telling you about the things you must do – as it is today.

We’ve been lauded and won awards, we’ve even been called the South African publishing phenomenon of the decade. But those accolades mean little – mere ornaments that adorn our offices. Most importantly, Getaway has inspired thousands of South Africans to travel. It has held their hands and helped them book their tickets. It’s been a reassuring friend. It’s set them free. And what is more important than that?

Of course, along the way we’ve travelled to many places and it’s a visual celebration of some of our most favourite places that we’ve included in our special anniversary photo feature on page 57 just for you. Enjoy!

Thanks for joining us on all our adventures and welcome aboard for the next 25 years of travel.

Taken from the April issue of Getaway magazine (on shelves now). Click on the magazine cover below to see more, subscribe or buy digital issues.

Getaway magazine April 2014

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