Paris is opening a cinema on the Seine

Posted by Imogen Searra on 9 July 2020

To encourage social distancing while still enjoying a summer rendezvous, the City of Paris is opening a floating cinema between the quays of the Seine and the Loire. The ‘Cinéma sur l’Eau’ or ‘cinema on the water’ will open on July 18 for the beginning of Paris Plages.

Paris Plages is an annual event run by the City of Paris where temporary beaches are opened.

To uphold the new normal, Parisians will be able to enjoy a movie from an electric boat. There will be 38 boats that can hold between two and six people according to the New York Post. Viewers onboard the boats will need to be family or friends.

Those eager to attend will need to enter a raffle in order to win access to one of the boats, according to the city’s official website. There will also be 150 deck chairs available across the cinema on land. The seats are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Two movies will screen on the night: A Corona Story, a short film and Le Grand Bain, a French comedy.

Image credit: Twitter/ @nerdbotmedia

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