Polar bears pay Russian island a visit

Posted by Imogen on 12 February 2019

A state of emergency has been declared on the Rusian island of Novaya Zemlya after the arrival of 50 polar bears have scared residents into remaining indoors.

The bears have been spotted foraging at a dump site and have reportedly chased some of the locals.


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The ‘invasion’ of the bears has sparked controversy over the fact that the bear’s natural habitats are rapidly deteriorating, forcing the species to move into close contact with humans in search of food.

The residents of the Russian island have been too afraid to leave their homes, or send their children to school as some bears have come very close to residential areas. “

There’s never been such a mass invasion of polar bears,” said Zhigansha Musin, head of the island’s local administration.

“They have literally been chasing people.”

Polar bears are classified as an endangered species in Russia and shooting of these animals is illegal.

Officials have however said that if attempts to remove the animals by darting them does not work, then a cull may be authorized to protect the residents.

Russian environmental authorities have dispatched a team of specialists to the area in order to sedate and relocate the bears.

Image source: Unsplash 

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