RentMyRide connects vehicle owners and travellers on the go

Posted on 10 October 2022

RentMyRide is South Africa’s first car-sharing marketplace that offers customers the opportunity to book any available car they need from local car owners in major cities and towns across South Africa. When planning a holiday, renting a car can be a stressful (not to mention expensive) element of travel but with RentMyRide, it’s easy as pie. 

So, whether you’re looking to rent a car on your trip, or keen to make some extra money by listing your car to be rented, everyone wins.

‘South Africa has a limited formal public transport system. There are 10 million active passenger vehicles in the country which, for various reasons, stand idle for as much as 90% of the time,’ says Sebastian Brockmann, Chief Executive of RentMyRide.

Their peer-to-peer renting process allows customers to connect directly with vehicle listers in their area of choice. Renters also benefit from split payment options and 48hr turnaround on the processing of refunds.

There is no destination too far for those trying to see and go to places. Wherever it is in the country that you have in mind, there is probably a vehicle waiting to take you there.

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