Richard Kohler – attempting a solo kayak journey from Cape Town to Brazil

Posted on 18 November 2021

After accomplishing the daring feat of solo paddling the entire circumference of the South African coastline in 2012, it seems that Richard Kohler has set his eyes on a new kayaking goal. The well-known solo kayaker is now planning to kayak alone and unsupported from Cape Town, South Africa to Salvador, Brazil.

VIDEO: Richard Kohler's kayak adventure of a lifetime

The solo mission, dubbed Ocean X, is set to begin in December 2021.  Kohler will be faced with the challenge of paddling 7000 kilometres from Cape Town to Brazil. If successful, Kohler will be the first man to ever complete the journey.  Kohler is additionally using Ocean X to raise funds for Operation Smile, a non-governmental organisation that provides cleft lip and palate surgery to children around the world. According to Cape Town Etc, for every R6,000 raised, another child can receive the operation. Richard is aiming to raise over R100k for affected children.

According to News24, sailing has always been in Kohler’s blood, sparking the beginning of his kayaking passion at the age of six and moulding his skills into adulthood as he began sailing at an international level. The skilled Richard Kohler seemed destined to journey across the oceans.

The kayak that will be carrying Richard Kohler throughout his journey is named ‘Osiyeza’, after the famous Johnny Clegg 1993 hit song ‘the crossing’. Kohler’s kayak is approximately  8.5m long and 90cm at its maximum width. The name quite literally means ‘we are coming’, echoing the sentiment of Richard’s ambitious kayaking mission. The kayak comes equipped with solar panels, a GPS, communications devices, and various safety devices such as a personal locating beacon and an AIS man overboard device.

Robert Kohler’s kayak got a touch of paint from Cape Town graffiti artist Quasiem Gamiet. Picture: Richard Kohler Adventures.

Richard Kohler truly is a courageous explorer who dares to dream. His involvement in Ocean X is a must-see event for people all around the globe. Watch in anticipation as Richard Kohler attempts to make history as the first man to ever kayak solo from South Africa to Brazil.

Picture: Getaway Gallery


VIDEO: Richard Kohler’s kayak adventure of a lifetime

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