Ronnie’s Sex shop on brink of closure

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 17 July 2020

Ronnie’s Sex Shop, a well known landmark just outside of Barrydale in the Western Cape has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. This iconic pub is pleading to the public for help to stay in business.

‘My name is Ronnie Price and I am crowdfunding to keep Ronnie’s Sex Shop from going under and closing its doors. This COVID-19 is killing me and I’m not getting any funds in,’ says Price on his BackABuddy page.

The story behind how Ronnie’s Sex shop came to be is quite an entertaining one. In the 1970’s, Price, decided to open up a farm stand on Cape Route 62 to sell fruits and vegetables.

To promote his farm stand to those passing by, he painted ‘Ronnie’s Shop’ in red paint on the white facade of the roadside cottage. However, one of his mischievous friends though it would be funny to spray paint the word ‘Sex’ next to the sign and hence ‘Ronnie’s Sex Shop’ was born.

‘I decided to keep the new name and instead of running yet another roadside farm stall, I turned my business into a pub and restaurant and it is today one of the best-known destination pubs in the land,’ says Ronnie on his BackABuddy page.

Sadly, due to the current lockdown regulations, less travelers are visiting his establishment. Couple that with the fact that he has been forced to take alcohol off the menu, the future is looking bleak for this road-side hub.

Ronnie is now asking people for help to save his pub after 22 years of being in business, by donating to his BackABuddy page. All donations will go toward keep this amazing place afloat.

To date, Ronnie has received R15 034 in donations, but is still a long way off his goal of R100 000.

To donate and help save this hidden gem, simply click here.

Image credit: BackABuddy




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