SPCA finds tiger cubs kept at Sandton home

Posted on 7 August 2020

The Sandton SPCA Inspectorate was recently alerted to a property in Gauteng where two leucistic tiger cubs are being kept on the premises.

‘On investigation, Senior Inspector Stephen discovered two white tiger cubs in an enclosed area. These young predators appeared to be in fairly good physical condition but the enclosure did not have filled water bowls and the environment lacked enrichment,’ the SPCA said in a statement.

SPCA finds tiger cubs kept at Sandton home

The two white tiger cubs are kept at a residential premises.

To keep a wild animal as a pet is legal, however, owners need to obtain a permit from the Gauteng Nature Conservation at the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, says the SPCA.

A warning was issued and the owners were educated around the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962. ‘Our inspectors requested that the cubs be surrendered to an approved sanctuary where they can live in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat with minimal human intervention. The owners were advised that tiger cubs are not domesticated animals and should not be kept as companion animals nor in captivity,’ the SPCA added.

At a follow-up visit to the property, it was found that the owner had complied with the issued written warning with regards to water provision and enrichment. The owner had built a water container into the ground so that the tiger cubs could not tip it over and a variety of enrichment equipment was installed.

SPCA finds tiger cubs kept at Sandton home

One of the cubs in the enclosure.

‘It must be noted that the Sandton SPCA is opposed to wild animals being kept in captivity and are working with the Environmental Health Department (Region E) to ensure that these animals are released to a suitable environment where all their needs can be catered for.’

‘SPCAs are mandated to enforce the Animals Protection Act. We do not have a mandate to decide whether wild animals are allowed to be kept, although SPCAs publicly state that we are opposed to the keeping of wild animals as pets. We will continue to work on this case until the cubs’ release to an approved sanctuary,’ Sandton SPCA’s general manager Ralph Hohls told Getaway.

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Images: SandtonSPCA

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