The Augrabies Falls are roaring

Posted by Imogen Searra on 2 February 2021

Rain has been pouring across the north of the country and the Augrabie Falls are gushing. The flow of water over the falls is expected to reach 2000 cubic metres per second within the next two weeks.

‘Due to the high rainfall across the country, the falls are getting full and a wonder to experience,’ said SANParks in a statement. 

The falls are also know as ‘Akoerebis’ or ‘place of great of noise’ as described by the Khoi people.

On January 31, the falls were descending at 1065 cubic metres per second, as recorded by SANParks.

The Department of Water & Sanitation said it is likely the falls will remain like this until February 5. It is then predicted that the falls will increase to 2000 cubic metres per second.

‘It is predicted that it will stay over 2000 cumec from Friday for the next five to seven days,’ said SANParks.

To experience this natural wonder, book online at or contact [email protected] and please note the adherence of strict Covid-19 regulations.

Watch below to see the falls in full force:

Image: Twitter/ Northern Cape SA

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