The lion, the elephant and the watering hole

Posted by Imogen Searra on 5 November 2019

It is not uncommon for a lion to take on an elephant at Ngweshla in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Calvet Nkomo, a guide at African Bush Camps’ Somalisa Camp captured footage of a male lion trying his luck with a lone male elephant.

Speaking to Latest Sightings, Nkomo explained that he had taken guests to a watering hole where an elephant was drinking. A male lion named Humba began to stalk the elephant. First, he did a mock charge toward the ellie, then on his second attempt he managed to jump on the back of the elephant.

A lioness appeared from close by and helped Humba to keep the elephant down. According to Nkomo, the entire pride did join in for the feast. The footage, while harrowing, is not graphic. Watch below:

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