This multi-terrain camper can go anywhere

Posted by Anita Froneman on 23 July 2020

If your journey outdoors takes you from the road to the water and you’re planning to camp at either destination, the Z-Triton is for you.

This all-in-one electric tricycle/boat/camper is the ultimate adventure vehicle. Designed by Zeltini in Latvia, it can house two adults comfortably. This camper has two 250-watt electric motor hubs and a 36-volt battery that allows it to travel up to 40km overland and 30km on water.

‘Amphibious E-Tricycle Camper that allows you to travel over land and water. Perfect for either expeditions around the world or for recreation – a weekend getaway deep in the nature,’ Zeltini says on their website.

Not only is it nifty and fun, it is built on the concept of sustainable travel that ‘adds value or at least has a minimum impact on our planet’s resources.’

The Z-Triton will be available for purchase or renting from 2021.


Image credit: Twitter/thisisyimbroke

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