Vanderkloof Dam exceeds 100% capacity mark

Posted by Imogen Searra on 3 February 2021

South Africa’s second largest dam, Vanderkloof Dam, has surpassed the 100% capacity mark. The body of water is sitting at 111.07% full.

The dam is fed by the Orange River and is located 130km downstream from Gariep Dam, the country’s largest dam.

The Department of Water and Sanitation said that the increase in volume is a direct result of the heavy rainfall experienced in the north of the country.

The Vaal Dam, which borders Gauteng and the Free State is currently at 78.36% capacity, with an inflow of 498m3 /s and a release of 17.6 m3 /s, according to the Department.

Bloemhof Dam, situated in North West, is at 102% capacity with a maintained outflow of 101m3 /s.

The Gariep Dam is 119.7% full with a combined outflow of 2660 m3 /s.

Vanderkloof Dam, which borders the Free State and Northern Cape, is at 111.07% capacity with an inflow of 2660 m3 /s and a combined outflow of 1794 m3 /s.

‘Due to more rains upstream, the Vaal and Orange Rivers will definitely impact water users downstream of the two river systems. The Douglas Storage Weir has peaked to a high of 136.4% yesterday and spilling at 621 m3 /s,’ the Department said in a statement.

Those who use water from along the Orange and Vaal River Systems have been warned by the Department to avoid these areas due to possible flooding of both rivers. Livestock, water pipes and other working equipment should be removed out of the water to avoid damage and loss.

The Lower Orange River system records the following levels at its various gauging stations:

  • Flow at Katlani was 2000 m3 /s
  • Flow at Prieska was 1661 m3 /s and on the rising limb.
  • Flow at Upington was 1300 m3 /s and on recession limb.
  • Flow at Blouputs was 1091 m3 /s

Facts about Vanderkloof Dam:

  • It has the highest dam wall in the country at 108 metres.
  • The dam was commissioned in 1977.
  • Vanderkloof Dam has a capacity of 3,187.557 million cubic metres and a surface area of 133.43 square kilometres.

South Africa’s second largest dam has recorded 111.1%. Vanderkloof Dam is situated approximately 130 km downstream from Gariep Dam and is fed by the Orange River.


Posted by Department of Water and Sanitation South Africa on Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Image: Facebook/ Department of Water and Sanitation

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