Crocodile found in family’s pool in North West

Posted by Anita Froneman on 3 February 2021

Angel Breytenbach found an enormous crocodile swimming in their pool on January 29.

Luckily the North West resident checked the security cameras before going outside that morning.

‘This morning I decided to check my cameras before going out to let the animals out and this happened, only in South Africa hey..’ Angel wrote on Facebook.

Posted by Angel Breytenbach on Friday, 29 January 2021

Posted by Angel Breytenbach on Friday, 29 January 2021

‘I took a photo from the [security] screen and sent it to the farm patrol WhatsApp group asking for assistance,’ Angel said. ‘I rang my husband Jaco as he was on his way home from work, and told him there’s a croc in the pool. I’m not sure he believed me, he was quite surprised, to say the least!’

‘It wasn’t too long and the animal rescue people had arrived to perform the safe capture. It didn’t take long at all from start to end. Tracing back on my cctv, she had arrived at 1.53am and seems to have enjoyed her swim. We found tracks to the front corner of the property where she had come under the fence and watched her enter on the cam footage.’

The croc had come from a nearby river about 2km from the home. It was safely removed and handed over to the Department of Nature Conservation. The crocodile will be released back into its natural habitat.

‘In my opinion, the capture was done perfectly and safely with no harm at all to the animal or any humans. I must applaud everyone for their awesome handling of the situation,’ Angel added.

The Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation also shared the video on their Facebook page, and reminded the public that the removal of wild animals is dangerous and should only ever be done by professionals.

‘Relocation and rescue of these animals is a very dangerous job, and you should always contact professionals to assist,’ the organisation said.


Picture: Screenshot from Facebook video

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