Voting open for ‘New Big 5’ photography project

Posted on 25 May 2020

The New Big 5 project is an international initiative to create a ‘new’ Big 5 (#NewBig5) of wildlife: the Big 5 of photography, not hunting. Shooting with a camera, not a gun.

The initiative is supported by more than 100 of the world’s leading photographers, conservationists and wildlife lovers, including Dr Jane Goodall and Joanna Lumley, as well as organisations like Save The Elephants, WWF, Wildlife Foundation, and Greenpeace among others.

‘What a great project the New Big 5 is. I wonder what the final choices will be? There are so many incredible animals in our world. Any project that brings attention to animals, so many of whom are threatened or endangered, is truly important,’ said Dr Jane Goodall.

Image credit: Ami Vitale

The New Big 5 project is a celebration of wildlife and wildlife photography. We’re asking people around the world to vote on the New Big 5 website for the five animals they want to be included in the New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography.

The ‘old’ Big 5 was based on the five toughest animals in Africa for colonial hunters to shoot and kill. The New Big 5 of wildlife photography will include animals from all over the world, so it could include polar bears, orangutans, tigers, grizzly bears, gorillas, lions, elephants, wolves or others.

It will be a new ‘bucket list’ for travellers, photographers and wildlife lovers to see in their lifetimes.

Which animals will make the New Big 5?

The New Big 5 project was created by British wildlife photographer and journalist Graeme Green.

In 2020’s dark and difficult times, this is an exciting, positive project. But it has a serious message: the world’s wildlife is in crisis. The next 10 years are critical. More than a million species are currently at risk of extinction, from icons to ‘unsung heroes’ and little-known cats, frogs, birds, lizards and other species, each too valuable to lose.

Image credit: Tim Laman

We want the New Big 5 project to focus attention on the world’s incredible wildlife and the urgent need to act together globally to save these animals, our planet and ourselves.

On the New Big 5 website, there are podcasts and interviews, as well as articles on wildlife issues, from habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade to the impacts of COVID-19.

We’ve also produced a FREE educational Fun Pack ( for young people, which can be downloaded from the website. It contains, quizzes, challenges, jokes from comedians and photos by Thomas D Mangelsen and Shannon Wild.

‘The project is not an anti-trophy hunting campaign (though we’re not fans of trophy hunting and don’t understand why people want to kill animals to fun). It’s a recognition of the fact that wildlife photography’s far more relevant to the world today than trophy hunting and a much better way to honour animals when they’re alive, rather than dead,’ said the initiative in a statement.

The project will run for 6 months. The results will be announced later in 2020.

Take a look at the project at:


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