Watch a penguin release on African Penguin Awareness Day

Posted by Anita Froneman on 9 October 2020

African Penguin Awareness Day is on Saturday, October 10. To celebrate our beautiful feathered friends, SANCCOB will share a video of the release of some of their rescue penguins into the wild at 10am.

‘Because we cannot host our annual event, we’ll bring the magical moment of releasing African penguins to you right here on our news feed at 10am on Saturday,’ SANCCOB said on Facebook. 

Watch a penguin release on African Penguin Awareness Day

African Penguin Awareness Day is October 10.

‘We will share a short film of that incredible moment when the birds waddle into the ocean, some for the very first time because they were hatched from rescued eggs and hand-reared at our centre.’

According to SANBI: ‘The African penguin has experienced rapid population declines over the past century as a result of overexploitation for food, habitat modification of nesting sites, oil spillages, and competition for food resources with commercial fishing.’

As a result, this species is classified as Endangered by the IUCN Red List and it is listed under Appendix II of the CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species). In South Africa, it is further listed as a protected species under the National Environment Management: Biodiversity Act (No. 10 of 2004).

To play a role in the conservation of African penguins, #AdoptAPenguin and name it for yourself or as a gift. ‘There are lots to choose from, rescued from Boulders, Stony Point or Bird Island,’ SANCCOB says. ‘These donations helps us buy fish and meds and provide the specialised vet care to get them back to the wild. Every Rand helps!’

To adopt or donate visit

Picture: Facebook/SANCCOB

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