WATCH: A sneaky snake stalks a snack

Posted by Imogen Searra on 13 September 2019

A video recently posted by Latest Sightings shows a python in the Mapungubwe National Park nearly making a tasty treat out of an unsuspecting bushbuck. The snake spots its snack, slithers sideways down a tree and begins it’s stalk.

The bushbuck, grazing blissfully unaware below the tree, has no idea that the sneaky snake is approaching. After a short while, the snake reaches the ground, lifts its head and flicks its tongue to taste the air.

The snake slithers slowly toward the bushbuck when the animal eventually notices it. Completely undisturbed by the lengthy serpent. The bushback then continues to graze, getting too close for comfort at one point.

Watch the full, nail-biting video below:

Image source: Screenshot from Latest Sightings video

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