Wild dogs and hyenas vs hippo and impala

Posted by Anita Froneman on 20 May 2020

A sighting of a pack of wild dogs trapping an impala in a dam is rare. Throw some hyenas and a hippo in the mix and you have an incredible encounter.

Wildlife content producer Rogan Kerr from Africa on Foot was lucky enough to witness such a scene unfold in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve yesterday.

‘What an INSANE way to kick off the new week! Crazy animal interaction in the Klaserie! Never a dull moment at @africa_on_foot !,’ he wrote.

‘When we arrived at Jason’s Dam, the dogs had already chased this young impala into the water. It was hopelessly swimming from side to side, desperate to find an exit strategy.

A few curious hyenas also came to see what the fuss was about, hoping to scavenge a bite.

‘The commotion started to annoy the massive hippo, who tried to nudge the young antelope through the water. Meanwhile an adult impala, possibly the mother of the floundering youngster, arrived at the waters edge. The dogs were on it in seconds, but their trophy was quickly snatched by the hyenas who tore into the carcass.

‘The dogs focused their attention back on the baby and, after facing down a charge from the increasingly aggressive hippo, one daring dog leapt into the dam to try and retrieve their prey.

‘By this point the young impala was exhausted and began to sink beneath the water. It was all too much for the hippo, who scared the dog off the kill and flung the carcass back over its shoulder.
Defeated, the dogs could only watch on as it sank to its death at the bottom of the dam.

‘No waterside breakfast for these doggos today!’

Take a look:


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Image credit: Screenshot/AfricaOnFoot 

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