World’s largest river cruise liner to sail in 2020

Posted on 26 December 2019

We’re all familiar with famous cruise ships like the gargantuan Quantum of the Seas, the luxurious RMS Queen Mary, or the iconic Allure of the Seas. The one thing these ships have in common, besides being the definition of luxury, is that they’re all the largest ocean-going vessels.

In a bid to set themselves apart from the competition, New York based shipping company Victoria Cruises have moved away from the vast expanse of the ocean and instead, designed the world’s largest river cruise ship.

A restaurant aboard the river cruiser.

The ship, named Victoria Sabrina, will set sail in 2020 on China’s 6,300 km long Yangtze River. Victoria Sabrina boasts a maximum capacity of 600 passengers with 286 luxury rooms, along with a theater deck that will hold performances relating to Chinese cultural performing arts, and music. Other amenities include a fully-fledged gym, luxury bar, spa, and three different restaurants.

A balcony room with a living area.

Aside from offering its passengers unrivaled comfort and entertainment, the Victoria Sabrina prides itself on being the first Yangtze River eco-friendly luxury cruise. The ship uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide a healthy and comfortable environment during the journey along the magnificent Yangtze River.

The cruise liner has elegant modern decor. Pictures: Victoria Cruises

During the construction of Victoria Sabrina, nine research and design companies worked on the design project. According to Victoria Cruises, the cruise liner has elegant modern decor inspired by the Chinese tradition.



Main image: Twitter/@barry_pitter

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