Tiger attempts to ‘attack’ boy at Dublin Zoo

Posted by Leila Stein on 24 December 2019

A tiger at the Dublin Zoo eyed out a young boy who was posing in front of it’s enclosure as a good option for lunch.

Starting a slow stalk, the tiger froze momentarily when the boy turned around before racing up to it’s would-be meal. Luckily for the boy and his family, the tiger was stopped by the enclosure’s glass partition.


The boy’s dad, Rob Costello, posted the video to Twitter, sparking debate around the incident and around zoos in general. Many said the video shows how cruel zoos are for the animals kept captive, and that one day such an incident wouldn’t have as happy an ending.

‘As much as there’s a bit of a laugh, it is also quite sad as well. Obviously there’s great conservation that happens in zoos around the world. But they [the animals] are obviously captive as well, so you do have to consider that as well,’ he told RTE.

Image: Screenshot

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