Haunted places in South Africa | Top spots to get the chills

Posted on 23 March 2024 By Louise Bell

From supernatural atmospheres to lurking shadows always catching the corner of our eyes, being scared can be an exhilarating experience. While watching a horror movie can elicit this feeling of spooky pleasure, why not test your bravery by exploring reportedly haunted spaces near you?

Whether it’s a school or a seemingly mundane road on your way to a small town, there are a variety of theorised spirit-filled locations in this country. Take a look at a few eerie environments to ensure a hair-raising experience.

Castle of Good Hope

A magnificent structure built in the 16th century, this fortress’s walls have a magnitude of historical occurrences and memories embedded in its crevasses. In the Second Anglo-Boer War, this castle was used as prison quarters and was also equipped with a space that was appointed for torture.

As the building was used for a variety of purposes throughout the years, it’s no wonder this castle has been speculated to house several ghostly presences. 

What spooky spectres have been reported?

  • A black dog that seems to be out for blood until it mysteriously evaporates into thin air.
  • A tall mall seemingly jumps off the castle walls.
  • Pieter Gijsbert van Noodt, a governor who allegedly refused to respect a prisoner’s last wish before a scheduled hanging in 1728. He was found dead in his office on the same day. He reportedly haunts the castle and can be heard talking and cursing within its bounds.

Tokai Manor House

A historical marvel of Cape Dutch architecture, the Tokai Manor House is a stunning structure to see. The speculated ghost found its origins in the 18th century, which is when Petrus Michiel Eksteen was the owner.

At one New Year’s Eve party, Petrus’s son found his demise by a party trick gone astray. He attempted to gallop his horse through the entire manor, only to fall down the stairs which caused his and his animal companion’s death. Visitors have noted throughout the years the sound of a horse galloping in the homestead at night, especially on New Year’s Eve. 

Jan van Riebeeck Primary School

A ghostly presence where school children spend their days? This educational environment in Cape Town has a dark past, as this school was a murder scene in 1892. The headmistress, Trudie de Waal, was killed and buried on school grounds.

A lot of speculation surrounds her death, as many believe a school worker was the killer. The legend is still told and has been said that the library hosts her eerie presence at night.

The road to Uniondale

While a road trip is a great place to make unforgettable memories, one happenstance might have you drive your car straight home. The stretch of road between Willowmore and Uniondale has been said to be the area where a lonely woman appears at night in the middle of the road.

The spectre is said to be Maria Charlotte Roux, who passed away in 1968 on this very road. Claims have said that when a lift is offered and the ghostly presence climbs in, she inevitably disappears from the seat.

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