Visit these African countries without having to quarantine

Posted on 16 October 2020 By Anita Froneman

International travel is open and South Africans are eager to get out and about. However, several countries abroad have very strict visa regulations, as well as specific COVID-19 requirements which in most cases include a mandatory quarantine period.

Spending up to 14 days in isolation, often at the travellers own cost, can derail your travel plans. Luckily, many African countries have a favourable reciprocating agreement with South Africa and will allow visitors to enter without quarantine. Many have also waived visas for South African passport holders, making planning and administration so much easier.

African countries to visit without quarantine

Zanzibar is an exquisite beach breakaway destination close to home.

Note that all countries worldwide require a negative PCR test taken between 48 and 96 hours before departure, and South Africans will need to again present one 72 hours before they depart and re-enter South Africa.

‘We do not recommend travel for tourism purposes to any European, or North American countries, as the situation in those regions is very fluid. Some are open to South African travellers, but most are not,’ said Jennifer Morris, owner of Travel Savvy

‘The danger in booking a trip to countries in Europe, North America and most of Asia right now is that their restrictions might change overnight and affect your travel plans.’

These African countries welcome South African citizens visa-free or visa on arrival (meaning no application is required), and do not require tourists to undergo quarantine:

  • Tanzania
  • Zanzibar
  • Namibia
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda – visa on arrival
  • Ethiopia – visa on arrival
  • Ghana – visa on arrival
  • Uganda – visa on arrival
  • Zambia

Source: IOL

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