Edge of Heaven

Posted on 11 January 2023

Nothing like a bit of nail-biting vertigo to get the adrenaline flowing. The Fish River Lodge in Namibia literally hangs over the edge of the famous canyon. Fantastic, says Peter Frost.

Three in the morning and the wind comes up. Not just any wind either. This blaster is straight out of one of the world’s biggest canyons. Sheltered in one of the Fish River Lodge’s chalets, it sounds like the end of days. It isn’t of course – it’s just elemental Namibia flexing its muscles, rattling the double-volume structure, and playing ghost games with the full-length cotton drapes. The desert spirits are awake, playing in the half-light of the moon.

Next morning the wind has dropped, just the warm silence of a billion years to bid you adieu. Coffee in hand, venture out onto the deck. Below, beyond, and all around is the jaw-dropping canyon, magnificent in its scale, right there in front of your bed.

fish river lodge

The Fish River Lodge, operated by Journeys Namibia, comprises 19 chalets literally hanging off the edge of the canyon rim. Over on the eastern rim, the popular Gondwana properties are far back from the edge – this is the only property where guests can fall asleep in chic, contemporary chalets and wake up to unforgettable vistas at the foot of their bed.

It’s tempting to stay in those beds for the entire visit and watch the eternal canyon through your toes for three days, but up and out has its rewards as well. North and south of the lodge are trails that follow the canyon edge, meaning every walk offers up stunning outlooks. It’s also possible to do the trails by mountain bike or book an excursion down onto the canyon floor by safari vehicle.

fish river lodge

The main public building is pretty special as well, worth time spent on its full-length deck or in the well-chilled horizon pool. The restaurant and bar area is one gigantic space, beautifully designed to take full advantage of the next-level views.

Getting to the lodge is not simple; from the main B1, it’s a full three-hour diversion around the canyon to the western side. Either that or, if you’re brave and blessed with a 4×4, approach from the southwest, through Rosh Pinar and the Richtersveld. Either way, driving through the terrain is to leave Earth and explore another planet. It’s magic, a memory of a lifetime. Just like waking up to that view.

fish river lodge
  • Rates: R4 388 p n (single room at high season)
  • Location: Fish River Lodge, Seeheim, Namibia
  • Contact: +264 61 228 104

For more information visit:

Pictures and story: Peter Frost

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