Samsung DeX: The Ever Expanding Desktop with Galaxy S24 Ultra Power

Posted on 10 July 2024

Samsung DeX is one of the most popular features of Galaxy phones for a while now, and it allows users to turn their phone into a PC using only a USB-C cable. However, how it has been effective over the years and what changes have been made? Now, it’s time to focus on the strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses of DeX, and how it works best with one of the best Samsung smartphones – Galaxy S24 Ultra.

What is still good about DeX

Seamless Setup and Integration: Another strength that can be attributed to DeX is that it is very user friendly. It is as simple as simply plugging the USB-C cable that connects your monitor to your Galaxy smartphone and DeX will simply boot. The first thing that needs to be done is the activation and after that, just plug it in and you are good to go. This is because the desktop view enables you to use the smartphone in its normal manner while at the same time providing the ability to use another desktop view which is very convenient.

Enhanced Accessibility: When DeX is enabled, certain options appear on the settings menu for convenience of use. In terms of input, you can freely use your mouse and keyboards and connect them either wirelessly via Bluetooth or via a docking station or USB hub for wired connections. Some monitors that have built-in hubs are also compatible with the setup as well.

Versatile Touchpad and S Pen: In case of an emergency it is also possible to use the screen of the smartphone as a touch pad and it can also display a keyboard. The S Pen can also act as a mouse, where the user can use it to control the cursor and manage the interface of the operating system. This makes it clear that with or without accessories, you are bound to get the most from the DeX.

App Continuity: All the applications that you have installed on your smartphone can be accessed through the bigger screen and they open up and function without lagging. This continuity is helpful to use the website on a mobile device and then immediately transition to a desktop without missing a beat.

Efficient Performance: DeX does not stress the smartphone to its fullest, meaning the phone can still run other applications during a DeX session. The Galaxy S24 Ultra does not heat up quickly and never becomes a burden even when in use for calls, texting, or even watching videos.

Elements That Have Improved

Enhanced Performance: The Galaxy S24 Ultra features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and Adreno 750 GPU that greatly enhance the DeX experience. This results in faster performance, since all operations are done more efficiently, even when working with large files or even several programs at once. The S24 Ultra has an octa-core processor with the high-efficiency Cortex-X4 and Cortex-A720 cores that deliver optimal performance, thus activities such as editing large excel sheets or high-resolution images are done at a faster rate.

Improved Video Calling: There has been a particularly significant increase in video calling functions. The front camera now has auto-framing during video calls and applications like

Microsoft Teams can blur the background, something that was not possible four years back. This makes DeX more appropriate for work use and video conferences.

Expanded Software Compatibility: Photoshop online is much more powerful when it comes to image editing when using it on DeX as opposed to Adobe’s free Android apps. While Lightroom has not offered a fully integrated online version, it enables the user to use critical browser add-ons when using Firefox.

Functions Still Missing

App Optimization: Despite the fact that DeX gives a user access to all Android applications, most of the applications are not designed for the big screen. This lack of optimization therefore means that the applications may look awkward or do not fully utilize the desktop screen space.

Touch Control Limitations: Touch control with a mouse is somewhat complicated and not as natural as it should be. Most operations are done with double click, and the pointer speed cannot be changed and sometimes the pointer freezes.

Resolution Constraints: It is worth mentioning that, at the moment, DeX is capable of delivering Full HD and using it with a monitor that has a WQHD resolution may be a bit disappointing. This leads to a screen that is not as detailed as one would hope for and thus makes it less ideal for extended usage.

Maximizing the Potential of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is an absolute beast when it comes to performance and it really comes into its own when in a DeX environment. Thanks to its Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, Adreno 750 GPU and the high-performance octa-core processor, the S24 Ultra offers a great DeX experience. This makes the device perform to the optimum level and can easily handle most of the tasks within the allowable time frame with its maximum speed of up to 3. 39GHz.

While using the DeX, the S24 Ultra is enhanced by the advanced vapour cooling technology and the titanium build which helps to regulate heat and ensure efficiency during multitasking operations. This means that you can run power hungry applications, work on large documents, and have multiple applications open in different windows without experiencing lag or the device becoming hot.

The Adreno 750 GPU enhances graphics boosting capabilities, thus making images and videos to be clear and with minimal lag, whether one is designing or watching movies on a larger screen. The hardware of the S24 Ultra is quite durable and this makes the DeX environment to be not only effective but also fast and efficient for the professional working on the move.

Verdict: DeX Still Turned Out to Be a Useful Feature

Samsung DeX is still one of the useful features for those in need of a temporary PC solution. If you don’t require specific Windows applications and are not carrying many items with you, DeX can be useful for several days if the necessary accessories are available at the destination. However, DeX isn’t ready to unseat the PC from its permanent pedestal. The issues with Android apps on large screens and the occasional mouse related issues continue to be an issue.

Therefore, even though DeX is still a great and practical addition to Galaxy smartphones, it is not the only reason to get the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is a feature that is very useful especially for people who want a portable device that offers some desktop operation once in a while without having to carry around a full-fledged laptop. The hardware of Galaxy S24 Ultra improves the DeX performance, making it smoother, more fluid, and able to handle more intensive tasks without a hitch.

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