5 superb Stellenbosch coffee shops to try

Posted on 9 June 2024

Working from home can get a bit mundane, so spruce things up on a rainy day with these Stellenbosch coffee shops. Try roaming the quaint streets of an old town to make the most out of a workday. Here are five charming coffee shops that are wonderfully geared towards working – while having great coffee.

1. The Blue Crane and Butterfly

What better place is there to get started on a rainy day than at a cafe with a name more suited to a children’s lullaby? Situated on Dorp Street, The Blue Crane and Butterfly serves one of the best cups of coffee in town. They treat roasting like science, and it shows.

It is probably the most delectable cup to start your day, and its sandwiches and cakes are sure to be a scrumptious complement.

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Stellenbosch coffee shops

Picture: Blue Crane and Butterfly

2. Meraki

A bright coffee shop straight off a Pinterest board. Meraki is the perfect place to catch up with friends or to catch up on gossip over brunch.

Stellenbosch coffee shops

Picture: Meraki

3. Deluxe Coffee Works

Near the bottom of Dorp Street, an old historical building is turned into a nuzzling cafe with a coffee that packs a punch.

With a few franchises scattered around, the Stellenbosch branch could be the flagship one, where it has none of the feels of a chain, but the aesthetic of those original ones you come to love.

Stellenbosch coffee shops

4. The Meeting Place

Situated in the Historic heart of town, The Meeting Place is located on drop street for a freshly baled treat and a cup of good coffee.

Stellenbosch coffee shops

Picture: The Meeting Place

5. Mill Coffee House

You can’t miss this place on the corner of Coffee and Meul Street. Situated in the heart of town, the characteristic yellow umbrellas of this cafe have become synonymous with the street corner.

It’s also a good place for when you are on a caffeine detox. Mill Coffee House’s range of juices and smoothies is perhaps better suited for a sunny day to enjoy outside. If you are the kind of person who enjoys working with a cacophony of sounds going on (like me) then this corner is the place for you. Just remember to charge up all your devices before coming here, as access to electrical outlets is a bit scarce.

Stellenbosch coffee shops

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