The World’s Most Unique Beaches

Posted on 29 February 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

A bit of beach bliss serves as the ribbon which neatly wraps the perfect travel experience. Across the world, there are beaches which are weird, wonderful and unique beyond imagination.

From colourful sand to mysterious hidden formations, here are a few of the world’s most unique beaches.

Hidden Beach, Mexico

Hidden Beach is an isolated paradise popular amongst tourists and honeymooners. It is only accessible on low tide through a single water tunnel as it sits within an open-air crater. Interestingly, the beach is said to have been created quite by accident. It is the result of bomb tests which were conducted in the area.

Pink Sand Beach, Indonesia

Picture: Unsplash / Nathan Jennings

Can you imagine a beach with pink sand? In Indonesia, it is more a reality than mere imagination. Situated within the Kombodo National Park, Pink Sand Beach is remote but undoubtedly worth the journey. This interesting beach owes its colour to tiny grains of red coral mixed into the sand. It is, however, not the only pink beach in the world. There is one in Greece and another in the Bahamas too.

Shell Beach, Australia

Picture: / Anita Waberska

Shells, shells and even more shells! That is what you can expect on Shell Beach in Western Australia. The white sandy beach is covered in cockle shells which exist due to local cockle clams thriving in the saline waters nearby.

It is believed that the shells go as deep as 10 meters from the surface. Although taking a beach walk  barefoot may not necessarily be the best idea, Shell Beach remains stunning and is thus worth the visit.

Green Sand Beach, Hawaii, USA

Picture: / Alexander Demyanenko

Also known as Papakolea Beach, Green Sand Beach offers exactly what its name suggests: green sand. It is located near the southernmost point of Hawaii and owes its distinctive shade to the crystal mineral olivine which forms when lava cools.

The beach is one of only four beaches across the world that have green sand.

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