Tips and tricks on travelling with your dogs

Posted on 6 October 2023 By Jordyn Johnson

It might be complicated travelling with your pet, but leaving your best friend behind is worse.

It’s becoming more common to pack your bags and your dogs in the car to head out on an adventure. These tips and tricks should make travelling with your dog a little easier.

Before the trip

  1. Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date: You don’t want your dog picking up a preventable disease while travelling, so ensure he’s had all his relevant vaccinations.
  2. Address health concerns: Research the area you’re travelling to and inform yourself of potential health risks to your dog. For example, if you are heading to the berg, consider a tick prevention method
  3. Research pet-friendly accommodations: Make sure your accommodation clearly states that it is pet-friendly, and notify the host that you are bringing your furry friend along.
  4. ID and/or microchip: You can microchip your dog, add an identification tag to her collar, or do both in the (hopefully) unlikely event that she gets lost.
  5. Pack all the essentials: Don’t forget bowls, medications, a leash, waste bags, grooming supplies, toys, and a familiar blanket. It’s also helpful to pack extra food.

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During your Drive

  1. Keep the car cool: With all their fur, dogs overheat a lot quicker than humans. Ensure the car is at a cool temperature to prevent your dog from overheating.
  2. Stay hydrated: Have enough water and water bowl accessible, and regularly offer your pup water to keep them hydrated.
  3. Regular Stops: It’s advised to stop every two to three hours to allow your dog to walk around, stretch their legs, and relieve themselves. Plan out your stops so that you don’t drive for too long.

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At Your Destination

  1. Pet-Proof your accommodation: Before letting your pup run free, look around for any potential hazards, like sharp objects or electric cords, and remove them from your dog’s reach.
  2. Research pet-friendly facilities: Look into places in the area where you can take your dog. Check out pet-friendly restaurants and local parks; if it’s unclear, you can always call the facility to find out.
  3. Stick to your pet’s routine: When you’re on holiday, routine tends to go out the window, but try to keep some things in place. Stick to their regular feeding and sleeping times, and exercise daily to keep your puppy happy. Having familiar items like their bed or toys is also helpful to keep them comfortable.
  4. Explore: Allow your pup to explore the area to get used to their new environment.
  5. Be prepared: Look up the location of the nearest vet and save the number in case you need it during your holiday (hopefully, it won’t be necessary).

Pictures: Unsplash

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