4 European countries you can visit without a VISA

Posted on 9 October 2023 By Jordyn Johnson

There are not a lot of European countries that a South African can visit without a visa. We all know the aches and pains of obtaining a visa, so when you find a place that doesn’t require a visa, it feels like you’re hitting gold.

Fortunately, there are four European countries that you can visit without going through the visa process.

1. Georgia

Georgia is situated at the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe and boasts stunning landscapes from the Black Sea coast to the rugged Caucasus Mountains. Its rich history has a diverse cultural heritage, a unique alphabet, and a burgeoning wine industry. The capital city, Tbilisi, combines traditional and modern elements.

2. Kosovo

This landlocked country is located in Southeastern Europe in the Balkans. Despite its regional conflicts and international diplomacy, Kosovo offers incredible scenery of snow-capped mountains, Gazivoda Lake, and historical buildings.

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3. Armenia

Armenia is another picturesque country with mountain vistas, the beautiful Lake Sevan, and the world’s oldest winery. As the first country to adopt Christianity, Armenia has the oldest churches and monasteries globally. Like Georgia, this country has a unique alphabet and vibrant cultural heritage.

4. Ireland

This gorgeous island nation is renowned for its rich literary tradition, vibrant music scene, friendly people, and lush green landscapes. The Gaelic culture influences its deep cultural heritage, and events like the Irish War of Independence mark its history.

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