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Posted on 24 November 2023 By Phumza Dwane

As we head over to the festive season, it is no surprise that many people travel to various vacation destinations whether it be local or international. There are certainly some travel traditions that we’ve all picked up from traveling solo or with family, Here are some must-try travel traditions to help gain a deeper appreciation for the people and places we go to. 

Picture: Erik Mclean/Pexels

Packing snacks for the journey

Need I say more? Snacks are the most essential for any trip near or far, especially for a family with kids. Packing their favorite goodies, or going to the store before the trip is always so exciting, If traveling internationally try and find your favorite sweet brand and get a treat that’s not available in your country.


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A Quick Pit Stop

Long road trips can be exhausting, so it’s important to make regular pit stops at the nearby garage or shop. Stops, and breaks are a great opportunity to stretch your legs and have some fun. Make sure to restock snacks and drinks for everyone, and don’t forget to bring a camera to capture those special moments.


Picture: Isabella Mendes/Pexels

Picture Perfect Moments

Taking pictures at well-known landmarks, and taking a few moments to appreciate the scenery, and enjoying the time together is a great way to build those special family traditions. Chat about what you’re seeing and what you are excited about when reaching the destination. 


Picture: Lil artsy/ Pexels

Fun For The Road

Bring on the fun on your adventure by playing some games, whether travelling by car, bus, or plane; Games can bring laughter and create priceless moments on a trip, they also help in passing time as you journey ahead. 


Picture: Linus Mimietz/ Unsplash

Prized collection

In the same way, we enjoy collecting seashells at the beach, you’ll enjoy collecting souvenirs on your journey; that you can look back at and relive those moments all over again. Popular options are keychains, t-shirts, magnets, and decorative pieces to name the least.


Picture: Artem Kniaz/ Unsplash

Cheers on arrival

A great way to celebrate your arrival and the beginning of an adventure at your new location is to have a toast of your favorite beverage, whether an alcoholic beverage or not- whatever floats your boat.

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