How to tell the time with your face

Posted on 17 February 2014

In 2008, The Longest Way’s Christoph Rehage walked 4500 km from Beijing to Ürümqi, China. He never shaved or cut is hair once. This is the result.

The Longest Way - Christoph Rehage

There are a many ways to tell the time: you can buy a clock (boring); steal your granddad’s pocket watch; or build a sun dial and hail Ra. Or you can take selfies of your beard growing while you’re on an epic bipedal adventure.

In an attempt to walk from Beijing to Germany, Rehage snapped a photo or two of himself every day. Although he never quite reached his goal of walking the entire way he did manage to cover 4 500 kilometres on foot in a year. By putting together all his photos, he also managed to document a year of travel in facial hair. Check it out.

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