A 2-year time lapse of America’s most picturesque landscapes

Posted on 25 June 2014

Photographer Joel Schat travelled the United States for two years collecting footage for a time lapse compilation you absolutely have to watch. In fact, he even called it Made to be Seen. Check it out.

Joel Schat - Made to be seen.

Made to be Seen is nothing short of a visual feast. Comprising two years of early mornings, long camera set-ups and late nights, this footage has been put together in, what is essentially, a showreel for photographer Joel Schat. It is shot mostly shot in American national parks and will leave you feeling even more in awe of nature than you probably already are.

Note: the video was shot in Raw 4K stills so if your internet is fast enough, click your Youtube settings over to 4k and make it full screen. Enjoy.

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