Turkish Airlines: safety video with Lego movie characters


Turkish Airlines has launched an in-flight safety video that stands out from the rest.

Although not everyone will agree, the video is even more entertaining than some of the witty air hosts and hostesses, who liven up the repetitive, in-flight safety demonstrations with varying degrees of success.

Turkish Airlines has partnered with the creators of ‘The Lego Movie’ to deliver the (often tedious) message in an attention-grabbing manner.

Recently uploaded to YouTube (watch it above), the video, stars Emmet and Wyldstyle who claim to be “between movies” at the moment. Stars from “The Lego Batman Movie”: Batman, Robin and the Joker also make an appearance.

Turkish Airlines says there’s more to come from the “biggest partnership with the smallest cast ever assembled”. The airline will unveil specially wrapped aircraft and rollout a global TV campaign and a second safety video in the run-up to “The Lego Movie 2,” which will be released in February 2019.