First uncensored video of North Korea’s capital finds its way onto the internet

Posted on 27 May 2014

A tourist has captured the first uncensored video of North Korea’s capital Pyongyang. It’s probably still not going to make you want to go there. But hey, at least you know what it looks like now.

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North Korea is not a bucket list destination. Its government is notoriously secretive and tourism is not high up on the agenda. Photographs and videos taken there are strictly regulated (no selfie craze here). Which is why this – this first uncensored video of North Korea’s capital Pyongyang – is a big deal. It follows a few days after the first Google Glass images from North Korea found their way onto the internet and is (possibly) the first uncensored, state-sanctioned video from above the 38th parallel.

The DPRK government allowed Singapore photographer Aram Pan to attach his GoPro 3 camera to the front of his tour vehicle and capture a 22-minute, unedited, uncensored video of the capital city of Pyonyang. Check it out.

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