Giraffe tries to defend newborn calf against lion in Kenya

Posted by David Henning on 21 December 2021

While still learning to walk, a newly born giraffe had to fight for survival in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Kenya as an opportunistic lion sought to make the most out of this vulnerable newborn.

This phenomenal sight was captured by Wildlife photographer Don Heyneke and Safari Consultant Rustom Framjee in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, in this Masai Mara area of Kenya.

Don Heyneke told Latest sightings: ‘A female giraffe gave birth to a baby calf. 30 minutes after being born, the giraffes are already able to walk with only minimal stumbling and, within 10 hours, they are able to run. Unfortunately for this young calf, a hungry lioness and hyena showed interest in the calf right after it was born’.

The calf had to learn to run quickly as the lion stalked the calf and its mother for 6km before the calf fell over a ledge next to a river. The lion was quick to pounce on the calf, which seemed to have fallen victim to the lion, but to only stand up again after its mother chased the lion away.

The calf then retreated into the river to avoid the lion, but it eventually drowned after collapsing from exhaustion. Watch this intense sighting below.

Featured image: Screenshot from video


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