Rhino calf warms hearts trying to run away from mom

Posted by Anita Froneman on 12 April 2021

Animal youngsters can sometimes make us cry with laughter, just like human ones do.

Darren Sheer witnessed a playful rhino calf running to and from its mother and a safari vehicle during a recent trip to the bush.

‘While on a game drive their ranger saw a mom and baby rhino in the distance. The ranger stopped the safari vehicle on the gravel road -quite a distance from the two rhino and waited for the rhinos to come closer,’ Sheer told Latest Sightings.

‘The mom and baby were slowly walking down the gravel road, when all of a sudden the baby rhino got super excited and started running up and down – coming quite close to the safari vehicle and then running back to its mom.’

‘After all that excitement, the mom and baby walked through some mud puddles and off into the distance.’

Take a look:

Picture: Screenshot from video

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