Shark sighted close to surfers near Dappat se Gat in Cape Town

Posted by Taylah Strauss on 19 January 2022

A bronze whaler shark was spotted in the waters alongside Dappat se Gat in Gordon’s Bay, stunning beachgoers and surfers when it came very close to the shore on 18 January.

This comes after another shark was allegedly spotted cruising Blouberg’s waters, according to Cape Town Etc. No incident was reported.

Since December, four bronze whaler sharks have been spotted at various Cape Town beaches.

In response to these sightings, the Shark Spotters Safety Education Research Conservation issued a safety warning in Cape Town. It has urged all beachgoers to practise necessary caution and shark safety advice when encountering a shark.

General shark safety tips from the organisation:

1. If you are not fully aware of all the risks involved in swimming in the ocean, do not go into the water.

2. You are more likely to be spotted as prey by a white shark if you are alone. Try to remain in groups.

3. Avoid the ocean when the waters are murky or during darkness or twilight hours, as during this time sharks rely on their other senses to locate prey, despite being visual hunters.

4. If you spot a shark, do not panic. Panicked movements alert the animal and will make you stand out more. Calmly warn other beachgoers around you of the shark and leave in groups, in a calm and swift manner.

If you spot a shark, you can contact the National Sea Rescue Institute on 021 449 3500 or contact Shark Spotters Safety Education Research Conservation directly on 078 174 4244.

For more safety guidelines, click here.

Picture: Screenshot from video.


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