Blind bushbuck’s epic leopard encounter

Posted on 2 October 2023 By Tsoku Maela

After losing its sight to a spitting cobra’s venomous strike, a bewildered bushbuck found itself trapped in a disorienting cycle of aimless wandering. Nearby, a watchful leopard saw an opportunity it couldn’t resist. Moses Bokaba, a 31-year-old Investment Manager, was fortunate enough to capture this mesmerizing encounter on camera, sharing it with Moses recounts the gripping series of events that left him spellbound.

His journey into the Kruger National Park began with a passage through the Paul Kruger gate, leading him onto the picturesque S3 road. Moses had a particular spot in mind, one that held a special place in his heart. It was the first riverbed crossing, a location of such natural beauty that one couldn’t help but pause to take it all in. As Moses and his wife approached the riverbed, their attention was immediately seized by a bewildered bushbuck.

What made this sighting truly remarkable was that the bushbuck appeared to be blinded in both eyes, presumably a result of a recent encounter with a venomous snake. In a state of awe, they observed as the disoriented creature stumbled into the riverbed, becoming the focal point of everyone’s gaze. At this moment, it was evident that the bushbuck was profoundly disoriented, its movements erratic as it struggled to make sense of its surroundings.

Unbeknownst to the struggling bushbuck, a leopard lay hidden in the distance beneath a tree within the same riverbed. The video footage captured by Moses reveals the electrifying moments that followed, filled with palpable anticipation and excitement. The adrenaline coursing through the vehicle’s occupants soared as they realized they were on the cusp of witnessing a captivating wildlife interaction.

The video shows the leopard’s stealthy approach as it fixated on its vulnerable prey. The tension inside the vehicle reached its zenith as they watched this gripping encounter unfold. Moses aptly described it as “a thrilling, intense, exciting, and nerve-wracking experience all rolled into one.”

The climax of this extraordinary encounter arrived when the leopard made its move, deftly seizing its prey. Moses and his companions were left awestruck as they witnessed the leopard carrying its spoils across the road, disappearing into the underbrush. Such a sighting was exceedingly rare, defying belief, and a potent reminder that patience is a virtue when exploring the wild, as the unexpected can happen at any moment.

Adding to the intrigue of this tale is the fact that Moses and his friends were the sole witnesses to this incredible spectacle. It was a rendezvous with nature that would remain etched in their memories forever. To augment the wonder of their safari, following the leopard’s successful kill, they spotted another leopard just a stone’s throw away, making their day in Kruger National Park an unforgettable adventure.

Watch the encounter in the video below:

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