How to react when a lion is licking your tent

Posted on 25 May 2016

Get ready to meet your new role model: this cameraperson.

Lion licking tent, Kgalagadi

This jaw-dropping video was first posted on the Kgalagadi Sightings Facebook page, by someone who doesn’t know the meaning of fear. It was apparently filmed at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park’s Khiding Camp, in Botswana’s Mabuasehube region. Watch below:


Of course, your average bush-savvy South African would know that this reaction was the right one – stay quiet and calm, and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime sighting – but we figure it’s a special kind of human who records it for the rest of the world, too.

We’d say ‘give that man a Bells,’ except that – according to the video – he clearly already has one.


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