Reasons To Visit Victoria Falls

Posted by Aqeem Jones on 31 January 2020

From canoeing down the Zambezi to getting a history lesson on David Livingstone, here are 12 reasons to visit Victoria Falls.

Have a jaw-dropping experience
If you’ve been to Niagara Falls, you’re in for a huge surprise when you go to Victoria Falls. At over twice the height and several times longer than Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls easily bests its North American foe at a whopping 355 feet (105 meters) high and 5,604 feet (1,708 meters) wide.

Take on some of the craziest rapids in the world
If you only have the time (or cash) for one adrenaline rush, go with the full-day rafting trip on the Zambezi just below the falls. This is one of the world’s most gnarly stretches of commercially run rapids. From put-in to take-out, the trip down Batoka Gorge provides an almost non-stop rip down 19 named Class IV and V rapids during low water (January to March) and nine during high water (April to December). The Zambezi River’s flow is totally dependent on rainfall. During high water, companies must skip the first 10 rapids as they are just not safe to navigate.

Go canoeing
If whitewater rafting is too much for you, relaxing canoe trips are available on the river above the falls. It’s a great way to see wildlife on the banks of the river without getting too close.

Try other adrenaline activities
Other adrenaline activities include bungee jumping or swinging off the 330-foot bridge straddling the Zambezi River. Although it is not the highest bridge bungee jump in the world — that title belongs to a bridge in South Africa — it is arguably the world’s most scenic. For something slightly less intense, ride the zipline across the gorge.

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