7 ways to support our rhinos

Posted by Janine Avery on 15 January 2013

The numbers of rhino poached annually, and even daily for that matter, are staggering, scary and downright disgusting. Something has to be done but like me, you may feel that you have no idea where to start in the fight against rhino poaching. Supposing you don’t have lots of money to donate or months to spend as a volunteer, what else is there that you can do? Well instead of sitting around feeling helpless and despondent, here are some very easy things you can do to help our rhinos.


1. Simply shop

Many of the rhino charities are offering various products you can buy and the proceeds go towards the charities. This means you don’t simply donate but you also get something you can wear or use to help create awareness. Keep a lookout for t-shirts, calendars, jewellery, CDs, key rings, shopping bags, arm bands, books, paintings and cards. These items are usually found at markets or on the charities’ websites while certain large chain stores and supermarkets even sell some of these items.


2. Drink more

Recently I came across a “Save the Rhino” bottle of wine. For only R30 this wine is available at major bottle stores and at this highly affordable price, you are really left with no excuse to do your bit.


3. Foster a rhino

Some organizations allow you to foster your very own Rhino. One such organisation is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The cost is relatively inexpensive and you get a fostering certificate, monthly emails regarding your baby rhino and you could even go and visit your rhino in Kenya. This is particularly great as a gift.


4. Stay informed and involved

By joining the various rhino charities on social media groups you can be kept informed about what is going on in the fight against poaching. You can see what events, marches etc. are coming up and get involved in these events as a volunteer or participant. By volunteering for specific events, you only need to donate a few hours of your time which is often on weekends or after hours – ideal for us working folk!


5. Hold your own rhino party

You may not have cash available to donate, but can you get some. Host your own fundraising party with friends and donate the proceeds to your rhino charity. Have a bake sale, host a dinner event, have a braai and charge a nominal fee.


6. Dare your friends

Got something your friends think you could never do? Give up drinking, shave your head, loose 10 pounds? Dare them and if you win, give your winnings to a rhino charity!


7. Use your shopper card

Many loyalty programs give you the opportunity to donate to rhino charities at no additional cost to you. The cards are normally free to apply for and your proceeds or points can be donated to a rhino charity. The MyPlanet card can be used at Woolworths while the Smart Shopper card is great for those who shop at Pick ‘n Pay.

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