Flaming rooibos moonshine crème brûlée recipe

Posted by David Henning on 15 September 2021

Season 6 winner of Ultimate Braai Master, Corné Bornman – affectionately known as “Borries” says with the near-death of the hospitality industry as a result of the pandemic, he has been spending more time than ever in front of the fire.

Corné “Borries” Bornman has shown how versatile Rooibos is by creating several braai dishes, ranging from savoury to sweet. Continue scrolling to see his rooibos moonshine crème brûlée recipe.

· 500 ml fresh cream
· 6 egg yolks
· 80 ml sugar
· 3 bags Rooibos tea – extract tea flavour with 300 ml boiling water, remove bags and simmer over low heat till concentrated to 50 – 60 ml
· 90ml sugar – for caramelizing on top of brûlée

1. Heat cream in a saucepan while dissolving the sugar, add concentrate of Rooibos, sieve liquid and pour into 150 ml ramekins.
2. preheat the oven to 150 ºC. Place ramekins in an oven pan and fill with hot water till half of the depth of ramekins so they can cook in the water bath without curdling. Cover with foil, pierce the top and bake for 30-40 minutes.
3. Once it is set like jelly, remove it from the bath and cool down.

Flaming Rooibos Liqueur
· 250 ml high proof white alcohol of 50% or more i.e. Moonshine
· 2 Rooibos tea bags
· 80 g pure honey
· 75 ml evaporated milk or cream

Method: This process carries a high risk of igniting! Please take care!
1. Add the Rooibos tea bags to the alcohol in a rice or slow cooker. Let it simmer for no more than a couple of minutes while covered. Boil it too long and all the alcohol evaporates.
2. Bring any fire or match close by and you’ll have an inferno… Set aside to cool completely with bags inside, far away from an open flame.
3. Use 150 ml of Rooibos alcohol and combine that with the honey and evaporated milk/cream. Shake well and refrigerate.


· Finish all plating and decoration for 6 ramekins. Have the remaining Rooibos Moonshine handy. Use the extracted Rooibos tea bags as a garnish with some fresh flowers.
· Pour the Rooibos Cream Liqueur into appropriate serving glasses and place on plated plates ready to serve once the brulee’s have been caramelised.
· Spoon 15 ml of sugar on top of each set custard. Roll ramekin in hand to spread the sugar evenly.
· Lightly spritz the sugar with a tiny bit of water. It helps to prevent loose hot bullets of sugar from blowing onto you while burning the tops.
· Hold the ramekin with one hand and burn the top evenly with the gas torch while turning the bowl so to allow the sugar to cover the top completely and evenly. The colour should be dark caramel but not bitterly burnt. Keep the gas burner going on one side.
· While the sugar is still hot, add a dash (7ml) of the Rooibos Moonshine on top and set it alight.
· Send to the table while aflame, taking care not to burn yourself or your guests…

Recipe courtesy of Corné “Borries” Bornman

Picture: Marius Henning

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