Canoeists paddle into swarm of jellyfish

Posted by A on 20 August 2020

Adventure-seekers who paddled out off the coast of Berdyansk, in the south-eastern Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia Oblast, found themselves surrounded by a swarm of large jellyfish.

In a video shared to YouTube on August 15, the group can be seen struggling to make their way out of a jellyfish swarm that appear almost out of nowhere.

The group was forced to to paddle their way out through the gelatinous sea creatures, but did not have an easy time doing so due to the massive size of both the jellyfish and the swarm.

As they try to paddle their way through the water, more and more jellyfish appear and its seems to be a never-ending pool.

The video has since amassed more than 113,000 views on YouTube. Many have been surprised at the video as although the area is a common spot for jellyfish this sheer volume has not been recorded before.

Watch the full video below:

Image credit: YouTube

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