Sleep on it: self-inflating mattress tested

Posted by Melanie van Zyl on 2 November 2015

Sometimes those lightweight, self-inflating hiking mats won’t cut it and for a long camping trip something a little more hefty is required. If you’re looking for something a bit more comfy, try this Carma Quip Self-Inflating Mattress.


Carma Quip Self-Inflating Mattress


Carma Quip Inflatable Mattress - Getaway Magazine

The Carma Quip Self-inflating Mattress makes bundu bashing more convenient and comfortable. Unroll, pull the plug and, poof, there’s the bed. Comfortable, thick and easy to set up, this heavy-duty foam mattress is also waterproof, so you can forgo the tent and sleep outside if you fancy.

Carma Quip Inflatable Mattress - Getaway Magazine-2

It rolls up pretty easily and fits into a sleeping bag-like case weighing 3,5kg. It also offers great insulation thanks to the solid PVC construction and is puncture-proof.

Carma Quip Inflatable Mattress - Getaway Magazine-3

The only niggle is it’s a little bulky (70cm in length with a 20cm diameter) so if you’re going to invest in these for a family of four you’ll need a good amount of packing room. That said, there is a more compact version (60cm x 15cm) available for R700.



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