Water ways

Posted by Matt Sterne on 18 July 2018

When water is scarce or dirty, it’s best to get creative. These products will help you make a plan.


Take the heat

R1 499, outdoorwarehouse.co.za

We featured the RinseKit portable shower system (R1 595) in the November 2017 issue. Now there’s a Hot Rod Water Heater for it, just in time for this winter’s camping or hiking. It runs off a car battery (plugging into the accessory socket) and warms water within minutes of flipping the switch.


Get a grip

R350, shopfuelbelt.co.za

Trail runners will love this light and squeezable water bottle that slips onto your hand. A thumb loop allows the FuelBelt to naturally stick to your hand as opposed to you needing to consciously grip. It holds just under 300ml, so it’s fairly light but can still provide the vital hydration needed on longer runs. The strap is adjustable, and it has storage for your keys, allowing you to run unhampered.


Drop it

R60, capeunionmart.co.za

Just 30ml (six teaspoons) of One Drop Water Purifier will turn 150L of mucky river water into drinking water, killing cholera, E.coli and other water-borne pathogens. It does this without any chemicals, using eco-friendly natural mineral ions. The treated water has to stand for 30 minutes and then be poured through a cloth filter to remove any solids before drinking.


A pure cure

R399, adventureinc.co.za

LifeStraw makes microbe-contaminated water safe to drink (note: not water with chemicals or metals in it). Easy to use – simply dip it in the liquid and suck – there is no strange aftertaste. It will last for as long as it takes to purify 4 000L. Weighing only 57g and measuring 23cm long, the LifeStraw can easily fit into a hiking or travel bag. This ingenious tool requires no batteries or electrical power so it will be very useful and reliable in the wild.


You’ve got the powder

R99, adventureinc.co.za

Waterless washing sounds like an oxymoron, but Muc-Off Dry Shower offers exactly that. It’s an anti-bacterial body wash designed for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers (and now Capetonians too). Made with coconut oil, you simply rub the powder on with your hands and it kills odour-causing bacteria and germs. Once it has dried on your skin, you can wipe it off with a towel. The suppliers say each 100ml bottle is enough for around 20 ‘washes’.