5 travel destinations for vegan South Africans

Posted on 2 October 2019

Veganism is becoming a lifestyle all across the world, as people become conscious of the impact their eating habits have on the natural environment. The diet is purely plant-based, with no animal or animal by-products, like dairy and eggs.

Travelling and maintaining your diet can be tricky, if you venture to a city or island that barely caters for your needs. Often veganism is mistaken for vegetarianism (no animal meat consumption but by-products are consumed).

Here are 5 destinations that are a paradise for those living a vegan lifestyle:

1. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israeli cuisine is naturally quite plant-based, so it’s no surprise that Tel Aviv has been dubbed the vegan capital of the world. Tel Aviv is not only a visa-free destination for South Africans, but is the perfect combination of culture and cruelty-free living. From the restaurants, to the markets, vegans are spoilt for choice with the abundance of plant-based food options.


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2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is another visa-free playground for South Africans and for vegans. This island paradise is teeming with yoga and meditation retreats where visitors are encouraged to practice a vegan lifestyle while there. The food culture is geared around clean, plant-based eating and there are an exorbitant amount of vegan cafés and restaurants to choose from.


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3. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan is a southeast Thai island that is famous for raucous Full Moon parties. If you travel to the north-western part of the island to Sri Thanu, however, there is a community dedicated to living a vegan lifestyle. There are yoga retreats, detox and meditation centres to keep you busy, and healthy, delicious vegan food to feast on. The waterfalls and beaches are a picturesque way to spend the day. A bonus is that South Africans can travel to Thailand visa-free.


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4. Jamaica, Caribbean

Kingston and Ocho Rios are two vegan hubs on the island of Jamaica. The Rasta community generally follows a plant-based diet, making it easy to keep your vegan wits about you. South African’s can travel to Jamaica visa-free for 90 days. With vegan food in abundance, the island’s famous fresh juices are well-worth a try. From hibiscus juice to fresh coconut water, keeping hydrated on this temperate island is won’t be a problem.

5. Peru, South America

Llamas, alpacas and veganism are all abundant in Peru, where almost every menu includes quinoa. Cusco in particular is a vegan must-visit spot, as plant-based diets are popular in this city. There are plenty of raw vegan options too, with nutrition at the forefront of Cusco’s eateries. Similarly in Lima, the capital of Peru, vegans will have a difficult time choosing between all the delicious veggie pizzas, skewers and dairy-free milkshakes. South Africans can also visit Peru without a visa.


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Image: Unsplash


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