Chef Massimo’s holiday experiences

Posted by Ondela Mlandu on 24 August 2018

We chat to Massimo Orione of Massimo’s Pizza Club, Hout Bay, to find out where his favourite holidaying spots are and where he enjoyed his favourite meal.

Massimo Orione of Massimo’s Pizza Club

Massimo in New Hampshire. Image supplied

Address: Massimo’s Restaurant, Oakhurst Farm Park, Main Road, Hout Bay


Every holiday has to include different elements – a bit of city, a bit of countryside, mountain and sea. The best part is eating and discovering new foods. Every year I go back to see the doctors in Genova, Italy, where I had my bone-marrow transplant. I always make a stop at some really good Ligurian restaurants – best of all is Da Pino in the village of Nervi.

Image from Da Pino

The best meal I’ve had on holiday was dinner at an Argentinian restaurant in Zacatecas, Mexico. I also had the best seafood tacos ever on a street in Baja, California. The place that surprised me most was Venice. We did a house exchange and lived like locals for a week, buying fish and veg at the Rialto Market. My all-time favourite place is Guatemala, for the amazing indigenous culture. We did a fabulous boat trip along the Rio Dulce, into the reefs of Belize where we snorkelled and lazed our days away.

Image from Pixaby

The one place in South Africa everyone should visit is The Retreat at Groenfontein, a remote farm near Calitzdorp. You can dine with the owners. I did a round-the-world trip with my wife in 1997 to 1998, but the most memorable holiday was our first visit to South Africa in 2003. It was so amazing it convinced us to move here permanently.

Image supplied

Massimo’s offers a ‘spuntini’ (Italian tapas) sharing menu and vegan menu. 

A worthy cause

On 2 September, Massimo will be running on a treadmill outside his restaurant to celebrate the 5th anniversary since he received a bone marrow transplant. You can take part by guessing how long he will run on the treadmill for, with a R20 wager. The proceeds of the day, go to The Sunflower Fund. For more details, see the event here

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