SA champ offers yoga and freediving classes in Durban and Bali

Posted by Elise Kirsten on 4 October 2019

Natalie Rudman is an eight-time South African freediving record holder who teaches freediving and yoga that is specifically aimed towards helping you with freediving. Courses are offered both here in SA and in beautiful destinations like Bali.

The yoga she teaches helps you become ‘more aware of hidden tensions within the body and mind which hold us back from exploring greater depths within ourselves and within the water,’ says Natalie on her

One of the ways in which yoga complements freediving is that it reduces stress, which in turn lowers your metabolic rate and oxygen consumption. Below are some images that are so relaxing to look at, you may not feel the need for either yoga or freediving by the time you’re done.

Natalie went to school in Durban before working in London and then Australia, where her journey to becoming a champion freediver began with SCUBA diving. She offers yoga classes and freediving courses in North East Bali as well as in Durban.


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We had a blast at the recent Yoga Freediving Retreat, teaching Level 1 to 7 eager New Freedivers and guiding yoga, meditation and Pranayama practices that enrich the freediving experience. It’s been a bit of a adventurous two weeks for me, with the #indonesianfreediving competition finishing and then the retreat starting and finishing, I’m taking a little time now to regroup for the next venture and to reflect on the past few weeks. • • The next freediving Yoga retreat should be early next year, if you would like to reserve a spot get in touch, I am certain we can help you to to get into a meditative (present) state of mind under water • • • #adventure #freediver #freediving #freedive #apnea #meditation #apnea #yoga #freediveretreat #yogaretreat #bali @deepsearchaquatics @bluechitta 👙@oceansoulretreats

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Earlier this year the 36-year-old broke a long-held record in Bali.

‘Bali is where the ocean opened up for me as a freediver. I did not tell anyone that I wanted to break my hero and fellow South African Hanli Prinsloo’s record of 63 metres – a record she held for eight years,’ Rudman told the North Coast Courier.


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Her website encourages those that sign up to become an ‘Apnea Total’ or ‘Molchanovs Qualified Freediver’ along with her and Marc Anop, a USA instructor, deep diver and World Championships Safety Diver.



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Watch this short film about Natalie created by Timothy Hay:

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