7 Glorious Car-Washing Getaways

Posted on 13 April 2018

If you haven’t seen the real colour of your car in months, these getaways are just for you and will leave your car looking shiny and brand new. Choose from a simple car wash or get the whole shebang valet service. One thing’s for sure, no one will be leaving ‘wash me’ notes on your car anymore.

These glorious car-washing getaways are situated in some of South Africa’s most charming towns and will provide the perfect backdrop to any car selfie.

Water save: You’ll be saving the city approximately 300 litres of water.
Water-Smart weekend save: A Water-Smart Weekend for two is estimated to save the city around 770 litres of water.


1. Mr Sparkles Car Wash

Location: Stilbaai
Contact: 0287542218
Website: www.brabys.com

Stilbaai Accommodation

Palmyra Stays 
Contact: 0287541620
Website: www.acomsa.co.za

Contact: 0736749941
Website: www.acomsa.co.za

Stonehouse Lodge 
Contact: 0287542473
Website: www.acomsa.co.za


2. Jane’s Car Spa

Location: Gansbaai
Contact: 0761262956
Website: Find them on Facebook

Gansbaai Accommodation

Marine 5 Guesthouse 
Contact: 0283840343
Website: www.marine5guesthouse.co.za

Whale Huys 
Contact: 0823059961
Website: www.whalehuys.com

65 on Cliff 
Contact: 0716207587
Website: www.65oncliff.com


3. Agape Car Wash

Location: Swellendam
Contact: 0824244011
Website: Find them on Facebook

Swellendam Accommodation

Aan de Oever 
Contact: 0285141066
Website: www.aandeoever.com

Gapa House 
Contact: 0794393705
Website: www.gapahouse.co.za

De Oude Pastorie Swellendam 
Contact: 0285142251
Website: www.deoudepastorie.co.za


4. Rola Car Wash & Valet

Location: Caledon
Contact: 0282143560
Website: www.xplorio.com

Caledon Accommodation

The Caledon 
Contact: 0114619744
Website: www.tsogosun.com

Town and Country Guesthouse
Contact: 0845065239
Website: www.town-and-country.co.za

Stone Cottage at Glen Oakes
Contact: 0282122050
Website: www.glenoakes.co.za


5. Miracle Car Wash

Location: Worcester
Contact: 0233473317
Website: www.ayoba.com

Worcester Accommodation

Uitvlugt Guest House
Contact: 0826582397
Website: www.uitvlugtguesthouse.co.za

Protea Hotel Cumberland
Contact: 0233472641
Website: www.cumberland.co.za

Rendez-Vous de Golf 
Contact: 0233420936
Website: www.rendevousdegolf.com


6. Route 62 Car Wash

Location: Robertson
Contact: 0710660026
Website: www.heycarwash.co.za

Robertson Accommodation

Hook Shot Lodge
Contact: 0724465530
Website: www.hookshotlodge.co.za

Leo Guest House 
Contact: 0236261555
Website: www.leoguesthouse.co.za

Pat Busch Mountain Reserve 
Contact: 023626 2033
Website: www.patbusch.co.za


7. Struisbaai Caltex

Location: Struisbaai
Contact: 0284356700
Website: www.xplorio.com

Struisbaai Accommodation

Bitter Aangenaam 
Contact: 0860022102
Website: www.travelground.com

Harbour House 
Contact: 0829292353
Website: www.harbourhousestruisbaai.co.za

Rising Wave Guesthouse 
Contact: 0847823486
Website: www.risingwave.co.za


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