8 Guilt-Free Laundry-Load Getaways

Posted on 13 April 2018

Remember the good ol’ days when you wore an outfit once and threw it in the wash? Well, these magical places will take you so far back in time, it’ll be almost dreamy.

Say goodbye to scrubbing away those little dinner time mishaps – go large with your load size! Let the humdrum of the cycle wash over you in a hypnotising melody. Choose from the top loader or the front loader. It’s all up to you.

Water save: You’ll be saving the city approximately 150 litres of water.
Water-Smart weekend save: A Water-Smart weekend for two is estimated to save the city around 770 litres of water.


1. Betty’s Bay Laundry

Location: Betty’s Bay
Contact: 0282729977
Website: www.xplorio.com

Betty’s Bay Accommodation

Natanya Self-Catering House
Contact: 0833827989
Website: www.natanya.co.za

Bucaco Sud Guest House
Contact: 0282729750
Website: www.bucacosud.co.za

Seascape Cottage
Contact: 0282729261
Website: www.capestay.co.za/seascape-cottage


2. Gwenda’s Laundry

Location: Hermanus
Contact: 0283121966
Website: www.gwendaslaundry.pagelanding.net

Hermanus Accommodation

Whale Rock
Contact: 0283130014/5
Website: www.whalerock.co.za

Marine Square Hermanus
Contact: 0283124215
Website: www.marinesquarehermanus.com

Marine Drive Boutique Hotel
Contact: 0283131234
Website: www.1md.co.za


3. Hippo Laundry

Location: Worcester
Contact: 0233428755
Website: www.yellowpages.co.za

Worcester Accommodation

Uitvlugt Guest House
Contact: 0826582397
Website: www.uitvlugtguesthouse.co.za

Protea Hotel Cumberland
Contact: 0233472641
Website: www.cumberland.co.za

Rendez-Vous de Golf
Contact: 0233420936
Website: www.endevousdegolf.com/index.php/en


4. The Laundry

Location: Grabouw
Contact: 0218595647
Website: www.snupit.co.za

Grabouw Accommodation

Villa Exner
Contact: 0794984717
Website: www.villaexner.com

Old Mac Daddy
Contact: 0218440241
Website: www.oldmacdaddy.co.za

The Elgin Valley Inn
Contact: 0218591661
Website: www.elginvalleyinn.com


5. Soapy Moments

Location: Arniston
Contact: 0741460624
Website: www.xplorio.com

Arniston Accommodation

Busch House
Contact: 0828991549
Website: www.inhoek.com

Contact: 0828184529
Website: www.arniston-etnas.co.za

Full House
Contact: 0284459559
Website: www.arniston-letting.co.za


6. Lemos Laundry

Location: Gansbaai
Contact: 0877252563
Website: www.xplorio.com

Gansbaai Accommodation

Website: www.grootbos.com/en

Farm 215
Contact: 0820971655
Website: www.farm215.co.za

Saxon Lodge 
Contact: 0283840853
Website: www.saxonlodge.co.za


7. Lemon Laundry

Location: Swellendam
Contact: 0836215539
Website: www.xplorio.com

Swellendam Accommodation

De Kloof Luxury Estate
Contact: 0285141303
Website: www.dekloof.co.za

Swellendam Country Lodge
Contact: 0285143629
Website: www.swellendamlodge.com

The Hideaway Bed & Breakfast
Contact: 0285143316
Website: www.hideawaybb.co.za


8. Carpe Diem Wassery

Location: Kleinmond
Contact: 0282714034
Website: www.xplorio.com

Kleinmond Accommodation

Whaler’s Point
Contact: 0845856387
Website: www.whalerspoint.co.za

Die Rotse – Host house and self-catering
Contact: 0282713347
Website: www.dierotse.co.za

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